Technical Questions

Cocos-BCX aims to provide game developers with an easy-to-use and improved blockchain gaming infrastructure, including visual development kits and on-chain ecosystem, to achieve quick and efficient blockchain gaming development with low barriers in a visualized, graphical way.

Cocos-BCX tries to provide a fair and open gaming environment with transparent data and rules for players without items manipulation or maliciously inducted consumption.

What is the relationship between witness-id and private-key in config.ini?

witness-id is the ID of witness who owns the node. At least one witness (several witnesses are OK but not recommended) for one block generation node. private-key maps upon public key and private key of the witness.

How To Operate And Maintain Nodes?

Node file upgrading

Terminate node file under operation and change the name of the existing node

mv witness_node witness_node.bak

Node file backup

tar -zcvf witness_node_data_dir.tar.gz witness_node_data_dir

Import new node file into the original content and restart operation.

Switch to the original Client if new node cannot operate or perform unstably.

Node data backup

Enter the content of node file

tar -zcvf witness_node_data_dir.tar.gz witness_node_data_dir

witness_node_data_dir.tar.gz is backup file (suggest to add date to make distinguish)

Node data restore

Enter the content of node file, modify the name of the existing data file and unzip the original backup file

mv witness_node_data_dir witness_node_data_dir.bak
tar -zxvf witness_node_data_dir.tar.gz

Restart operation of witness_node file

What Is The Origin of BCX-NHAS-1808?

It refers to the standard for non-homogeneous digital assets in Cocos-BCX. Since it is released on August 2018, and thus gets the name.

Technical Questions

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