Welcome to the technical documentation of Cocos Blockchain Expedition! This collection introduces the Cocos-BCX architecture and its features, the contract system including tutorials, non-homogenous assets standard (BCX-NHAS-1808) and world views.

This documentation will enable you to seamlessly get started with the Cocos-BCX blockchains and on-chain game development methods.

Cocos-BCX aims to provide an easy-to-use and improved blockchain gaming infrastructure for developers, and transparent data, rules, fair and open gaming environment for players. Let’s get started.

About Cocos-BCX Project

Cocos-BCX Expedition is a platform to develop, operate, manage and exchange decentralized applications and in-app assets on blockchain, hereinafter referred to as Cocos-BCX or the Platform.

It Includes:

Application development framework for multi-system and multi-chain environment
Script-based, componentized and data-oriented application development tools
An improved blockchain system and system-related functional components based on the high performance GrapheneTM framework, enabling developers to program, debug and release decentralized applications and hybrid architecture applications on the blockchain.
The Platform also integrates distributed a user account system, wallet and digital assets circulation platform on the blockchain, it permanently stores off-chain assets and supports cross-chain usage within applications.

The maximum theoretical throughput of CocosChain is estimated to be around 100,000 transactions per second (“tps”). We have tested 3,500 tps with 3 seconds block intervals in an experimental environment, i.e., 3 seconds for broadcasting information to the network. The performance can be further improved by setting contacts definition, consensus partitioning, multi-chain scaling and segregated witnesses. Key algorithms of most games can be migrated onto the blockchain, and “low latency” technology will smooth the circulation of assets.

The testnet-based wallet is a platform for assets circulation where users can valuate game tokens, props and accounts based on the conversion ratio between digital assets and the base currency of the main chain.

Cocos-BCX is directly supported by the visual game editor of COCOS Creator, and games generated from Creator can smoothly run on the blockchain’s run-time environment of Cocos-BCX.

Cocos-BCX Orientation

We aim to provide an easy-to-use and improved infrastructure for developers to achieve quick and efficient blockchain gaming development with low barriers. We also try to provide a fair and open gaming environment with transparent data and rules for players without props manipulation or maliciously inducted consumption.

We hope this digital assets model help align the interests of developers with those of players. In this way, developers digitalize content and continually gain interests from the use, management and transfer of assets, and receive convenient and decentralized distribution channels of games; players convert data and props, which are generated from consumption, to safely stored and circulated assets, and get the right to manage and commercialize their assets.

**Introduction to Cocos-BCX Ecosystem

Functions And Features **

Cocos-BCX’s goal is to create a run-time environment for multi-system games, while providing improved ecosystem and facilitated game development. It is also aiming to create a brand-new gaming experience with different formats never seen before, by granting users assets autonomy and creating a fair and open gaming environment.

Therefore, Cocos-BCX is embedded with the features including but not limited to:

• Run-time environment for multi-system games and interoperable interfaces
• Improved Delegate Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) based consensus mechanism
• Testnet with high-performance network and high-speed contract virtual machine
• An inter-blockchain gateway for homogeneous and non-homogeneous digital assets
• Smart contracts that are executable across blocks
• Scaling solution to ensure atomicity
• Syntax support to consensus processing
• Small-scale consensus and randomness generation
• Delegate-type transaction
• Minimal on-chain transaction validation period
• Smart contracts support to key game functions, such as accurate timer, standby and heartbeat
• On-chain trustable randomness
• Transaction Authentication to Prevent BP/ Developers 
from Cheating

Meanwhile, Cocos-BCX provides functions including but not limited to:
• Dis-intermediated assets (props) interoperable interfaces
• Non-homogeneous assets circulation platform
• Player autonomy and the Smiths
• Visualized IDE, including game program and visualized contract edition
• A crypto wallet, a user account system, and a block explorer
• Interoperable smart contract system

User Manual

Cocos-BCX is a platform to develop, operate, manage and transfer decentralized applications and in-app assets in the blockchain ecosystem. It has an optimized consensus mechanism based on GrapheneTM, with the the addition of smart contract system and etc., it also provides large amounts of gaming features, such as random number, session, timer and heartbeat within its blockchain.


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