4.1 Account

4.1.1 Account Rules4.1.1 Account Rules4.1.1 Account Rules
The account models in the blockchain world can be roughly divided into two categories:
Public key string. Similar to bitcoin / Ethereum / Tron, a public-private key pair represents an account and encodes the public key into a string in some form. Although the privacy is good, the readability is poor.
Registration string. Common in Bitshares / EOS / Iost, users can register a certain length of string, and the public and private keys are hung on the account as permissions. The advantage of this is that the account is readable and user-friendly.

Cocos BCX takes a second approach. Users can register account names with better readability according to their preference. The naming rules of the account are as follows:

  • Account name length min 5, max 63
  • It must start with a lowercase letter, end with a lowercase letter or a number of 0-9, and the middle character can use a lowercase letter or a 0-9 number or a '-' symbol (note that it is not an underscore). Uppercase letters are not supported.
    In addition, according to the naming rules of account names, we divide account names into two categories
  • Basic Name
  • Premium Name

When the account name meets one of the following conditions, it is Basic Name

  • Contains numbers 0-9
  • Contains special characters-
  • Without a, e, i, o, u, y
    There will be different rates for the two names. Details will be given in the schedule of rates.
    (supplementary rate table)

4.1 Account

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