15.1 Brief Introduction

What is Cocos Terminal?

Produced by United Labs, Cocos-Terminal is an integrated user terminal developed for Cocos-BCX chain system with the features of chain system management, DApp portal, homogeneous/nonhomogeneous digital asset management and transaction, contract management, and statistical analysis of chain data,as well as the core modules like user-friendly blockchain browser, visual chain system performance tool, digital asset wallet, visual asset design management tool, homogeneous/nonhomogeneous asset transaction system, smart contract management, account/contract statement analysis, proposal and permission management.

Cocos Terminal Highlights

Below are the highlights of Cocos Terminal:

  • Support multiple users account to enter the graphical portal of the blockchain system;

  • Support homogeneous/non-homogeneous assets wallet and decentralized exchange;

  • Provide a full-featured blockchain explorer;

  • Provide additional functions such as contract data analysis, function execution results and impact analysis, account statement analysis, and digital asset review;

  • Visual digital asset design, contract browsing, analysis, and deployment interface.

  • Ordinary users, developers, operators, community users, and council members can participate in in-chain affairs quickly and easily with TERMINAL.

  • Provide a graphical interface for proposals and decisions;

CocosShooting 2.0

CocosShooting 2.0 is a third-party game that runs smoothly on Cocos-BCX test chain. It adopts lottery draws contract to generate on-chain random numbers to ensure fairness, as well as a built-in trading system that enables players to initiate asset transactions directly in game. Players can also check the intrinsic data and scalable domain data of NHAS-1808 assets on Cocos-Terminal’s explorer.

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15.1 Brief Introduction

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