14.1 Cocos Creator Plug in

Cocos Creator Introduction

Cocos Creator is a Cocos2d-x-based game development tool with fully scripted, componentized and data-driven features, and a focus on content creation.

Based on the open source framework Cocos2d-x,Cocos Creator implements an all-in-one, extensible, customizable workflow editor and, for the first time, as a Cocos range product,introduces componentized programming ideas and data-driven architecture design. It simplifies the work like scene editing, UI design, resource management, game debugging and previewing, and multi-platform publishing in the Cocos2d-x development workflow, making a good choice for team collaboration development that using Cocos2d-x.

Project Structure

Cocos-BCX has open sourced the plug-in at Github, for further info:Cocos-BCX For Cocos Creator. A BCX For Cocos Creator plug-in and a Sample project that connecting BCX on Cocos Creator are provided for the users.

bcx: the plug-in package of BCX For Cocos Creator(the folder shall be available after being installed to Project’s packages.)

sample: the project that contains the basic method of calling BCX.

Required Version

CocosCreator 2.0+


  • Move the bcx folder to the packages directory of Creator project;
    • The following menu shall be shown in the Creator menu after installation;
  • Click the Install button, asset menu will generate a new folder bcx;
  • Shut down and reopen the project, the bcx folder shall be in the asset menu;
  • Now bcx-related interfaces can be called with users‘ own codes.

sample instruction

* For Mac users, please open and run sample/bcx-creator with CocosCreator 2.0+.
  • For Windows users, please delete sample/bcx-creator/packages/bcx and copy the bcx file in project root directory to sample/bcx-creator/packages/, then open and run it with CocosCreator 2.0+.

Corresponding Version

BCX For Creator



As stated in the 1st line, BCX For Creator 0.0.1 is generated on the base of BCX JS SDK

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15.1 Brief Introduction

14.1 Cocos Creator Plug in

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