13.2 Explorer Extension

What is CocosPay?

CocosPay is the explorer extension for Cocos-BCX.


Node.js 8.9.3 version or higher.


Use npm install to install local dependencies.
Run building npm run dev.
Use the building to issue npm run build.
The unpacked building shall be at ./build.


As a very useful extension to dapp and web, CocosPay shall inject BcxWeb’s object into the current document after installation and login, as in the example below:

if (window.BcxWeb && window.BcxWeb.BCX) { 
      bcx = window.BcxWeb.BCX

Open Source Address:

https://github.com/Cocos-BCX/CocosPay(to be updated)

Updated 6 months ago

13.2 Explorer Extension

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