10.2 Non-homogeneous Assets

Non-homogeneous assets, also known as NH assets, are props in the game.


  1. Account private key needs to be imported to command line wallet;
  2. There should be sufficient funds in the accounts, and the specific consumption amount is yet to be determined;
  3. Unlock the wallet when executing the command;


1.Register as a developer

Open command line wallet cli_wallet, and execute the following command:

Command Format:

register_nh_asset_creator <creator> <broadcast>


register_nh_asset_creator official-account true

2. Create Worldview

Command Format:

create_world_view <creator> <world_view> <broadcast>


create_world_view official-account MOBA true

3. Create and Issue Homogeneous Assets

Command Format:

create_nh_asset <ceator> <owner> <asset_qualifier> <world_view> <base_describe> <broadcast>


create_nh_asset official-account official-account 1.3.0 MOBA “this is a describe” true


Demo program of JS-SDK (provided by Cocos-BCX) can be used for issuing NH assets as well.

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10.2 Non-homogeneous Assets

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