11.1 Homogeneous Assets

1.Create Homogeneous Assets

Open command line wallet, and execute the command:

Command Format:

create_asset <issuer> <symbol> <precision> <common> <bitasset_operations> <broadcast>


create_asset official-account MYCOIN 5 {"max_supply" : 100000000,"market_fee_percent" : 0,"max_market_fee" : 0,"core_exchange_rate" : {"base": {"amount": 10,"asset_id": "1.3.0"},"quote": {"amount": 10,"asset_id": "1.3.1"}},"description" : "asset description"} null true

Parameters Explanation:

max_supply: maximum circulation of assets

market_fee_percent: the ratio of the fee paid to the publishers when trading the assets. The default value is 0 and turns to 1% if set to 100

max_market_fee: the maximum fee paid to the publishers when trading the assets
core_exchange_rate: the exchange rate between the assets and core assets

description: description of the assets

The parameters of <bitasset_operations> are set to null since the issued assets are non-bit assets. And it can be set to {} and default value when issuing the bit assets

2. Issue homogeneous assets

Command Format:

issue_asset <to_account> <amount> <symbol> <memo> <broadcast>


issue_asset eg-account 100 MYCOIN “issue asset to you” true


Demo program of JS-SDK (provided by Cocos-BCX) can be used for issuing homogeneous assets as well.

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11.1 Homogeneous Assets

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